3 Biggest Mistakes when Choosing an Interior Designer

Once you’ve made the choice to hire an interior designer to help you create your perfect home, the real decisions then begin. With a quick google search returning thousands of results listing freelance designers and large companies, it can be confusing to know where to begin. However, though our years of experience, both personal and professional, our team have created a guide of the top three mistakes people make when choosing an interior designer for the first time.

1. Not listening to recommendations

Anyone can have a glossy website, but what really makes professionals stand out from the crowd is their recommendations. Find a designer who is able to provide you with testimonials on request, and actively wants to show you how happy they have made previous customers. Not only does this allow you to get a sense of their work, but you also get to understand how they interact with their clients – a great working relationship is necessary for the process to be smooth, easy and enjoyable.

At Beebi design, we have recommendations from large property developers, to directors of building companies, as well as individual homemakers, all of who will tell you just how much effort we put into making your dreams come true.


2. Ignoring price discussions

While some people may find it difficult to discuss money, no one wants to be unsure of where they stand. In our experience, some interior designers will avoid discussing prices until the end of the project, leaving customers with a nasty surprise. This doesn’t just mean fees for their services, but the cost of new furniture and furnishings too. Always discuss a budget with your designer first, and don’t be afraid to talk about costs during the project.

We know that people want an open and honest approach to money, and that’s why Beebi Design works on an open book policy. You can see all of our costs, the prices of every item and can request this at any point during the project. We don’t make any hidden money on the items we recommend, and always keep efficiency and honesty at the heart of our working relationships. We even offer a one hour free consultation, allowing you to get a real feel for us and our ways of working.


3. Choosing designers who follow ‘trends’

Any good interior designer will know what is popular at the moment, but those with less foresight will use current trends to the extreme, and attempt to convince you that these should be incorporated into all of your plans. Even if rose gold finishes are very popular this season, a good interior designer will consider two things. Does the client actually like this trend? How quickly will it go out of fashion?

And that’s why we let you lead the design process. We will never attempt to push trends on you that you don’t like, and will always consider the long term aspects of the project. We help people create their forever homes, not a home for one season. All of our designs incorporate timeless classics and modern twists, according to our client’s wishes. We have no set formula, allowing us to provide you with a truly bespoke design, according to what you want.


Beebi design is renowned for offering top quality services and designs, always placing the client at the heart of every decision. For more information about our previous projects, take a look at our portfolio page, or if you want to discuss a project please contact us here.