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About Us

I started working full time as an interior designer in 2015, turning my hobby and passion into a full-time job. My talents were quickly recognised by the property investment company Litven, who contracted me to design and remodel a number of their properties creating, as they called it, “the very best in modern luxury”. They were so pleased with the uniqueness of my work and my ability to highlight the natural features of any property that they introduced me to Silver Bricks, who also contracted me to work my magic in properties that they had developed.

I’ve continued my partnership with these two companies, as well as expanding to work private clients, focusing mainly on designing luxury interiors in central London. I know how important it is to use the existing features of your property, and seamlessly weave these into the overall design, helping to bring your dreams to life. Subtle features like pin lights, calacatta marble, and quartz surfaces can often be overlooked, but I know exactly how to incorporate modern features with traditional design. Every project I work on is different, and I pride myself on delivery, making the whole process exciting and enjoyable.

I also work closely with chartered architects, building and construction companies and property investors too, giving me a wide and varied experience from so many different angles.

By working closely with you, getting to know what you want and your property too, we can create something magical – rooms that you will be proud to show off.

So now you know why you should contact me. I offer one-hour free consultations, and in that time we can establish exactly what is needed to revitalise your home. My motto is ‘everything is possible’, and with this philosophy, even your wildest dreams can be achieved. You need someone who has the expert knowledge, experience and skills. You need someone who listens. You need someone you can trust. So, when it comes to choosing an interior designer, choose Beebi Design.