Connections … Working with award-winning partners

I know that I like to talk about my partners and the different companies that I work, but it’s especially relevant today. I’ve just been informed that my colleges have won the LUXURY REDEVELOPMENT COMPANY OF THE YEARD 2019/2020 in the London Prestige Awards.

This is an excellent achievement for a company that has only been operating for a couple of years and shows consistency and high quality throughout all of their work. One of the main factors in judging was the personal touch, and Silver Bricks were highly praised for their ability to make every project bespoke according to their clients’ needs.

Their website was also mentioned as a key factor, and the presentation of completed projects, combined with their concise but informative descriptions, allows readers to quickly understand exactly what the company is about.

So, what is my role in this? Well, for many of their projects, I have helped to organise the internal layout of the rooms, design the function and utility of interior spaces, and organise the final furnishing for clients. In short, I have been a critical component in Silver Brick’s success. And this is shown by their continued involvement with Beebi Design! We have several more projects on the go where we are working closely together, and some projects which are planned to start shortly.

I’m extremely pleased that all of their hard work and success has been rewarded, and I hope that they continue to impress as many people as they currently have. I’d highly recommend them and their skilled workers – if you ever need a company to redevelop your home, then these are the guys to do it!

For more information about their projects, and to see my influences on their work, take a look at