Coronavirus advice for interior designers

Coronavirus Covid-19 advice is continuously being updated, with scientists and experts discovering new information all the time. Despite this, there are a number of universal steps everyone can take to ensure that they remain as safe and secure as possible. These will impact different industries in different ways, so here is how we suggest interior designers and their clients can best protect themselves.

  1. Keep all meetings remote

Face to face meetings should be eschewed for the moment, but this does not mean that meetings cannot happen. There are a wealth of ways communication can be continued, with many applications offering video conferencing via your phone, tablets or laptops. Screen sharing is also easy, so your clients can easily see your designs.

  1. Regularly check government advice

Many interior designers work internationally, and heading overseas to purchase items for clients is not unusual. While travel is still allowed in the vast majority of cases, there are rules imposed about self-isolation upon arrival or your return. Make sure to check the government’s advice in your home country about overseas travel, as well as what rules the country you are travelling to have. If possible, it may be best to postpone your journey.

  1. Consider your staff

Working from home is becoming increasingly common, and this is just as evident in the interior design sector. Allow your staff to work from home where possible and monitor the impact this has on your business. Clients are likely to understand this transition may have some teething problems, and any small disruptions will be forgiven. When staff return to the office, ensure that your health and safety policy has been updated appropriately, and promote basic hygiene principles by ensuring people can remain a safe distance from each other and there is plenty of hand sanitiser available.

  1. Take advantage of business support

Governments around the world are creating support measures for businesses impacted by Covid-19. The UK government has created a number of schemes including the ability to furloughing staff, bounce back loan schemes and reclaim statutory sick pay paid for absence due to the coronavirus. HMRC has also offered help with tax schemes for businesses severely impacted, so contacting them may be extremely helpful for struggling firms. All of these can help your interior design company, so remember that help is out there if you need it.

Interior designers and their clients can easily operate through the difficulties created by Covid-19, but following a few simple changes will ensure that everyone is protected as much as possible. To discuss what changes Beebi Design are making, and how we are continuing to support our clients, please contact us today.