It's not just about the frosting... More than meets the eye

Let me tell you a little story about some friends of mine. They are a young professional couple and had just bought a house in Chelsea, which needed a complete renovation. They wanted to alter the room, layout so that each bedroom had an ensuite, and they wanted to remove storage space and convert it into a walk-in wardrobe attached to the master bedroom. Knowing that I had connections with development firms, they asked me to recommend a building company.

“Silver Bricks,” I said without any hesitation. “I’ve worked with them for years, and they have never let a customer down yet. Do you also want me to look over your plans and help with the design?”

“Thanks for the offer, but we already know exactly what we want – I’m sure Beebi Designs has too much work on anyway!” they replied.

Once the structural work had been completed, they found themselves at a loss as to how to fill the additional space that had been created. Although they had grand ideas, they didn’t know where to source their products from at a reasonable price.

They showed me around their newly developed house and said: “Beebi, do you know anywhere we can find furniture that will really show off this extra space, while also being practical?”

“Of course I can! That’s my job!”

Together, we sat down and examined several different furniture plans, and I presented them with costings, which were far more economical than they had produced themselves.

“Beebi, I didn’t know you would be able to help us source items as well!”


This is where I explained everything that my job involves. Decorating and sourcing furniture that matches the room is only a small part of my work; it’s like the icing on the top of the cake. However, when working with builders and construction companies, I have to think about every aspect of design; electrics, plumbing, lighting, ventilation, all while maximizing usable space. This is the measuring and calculating that produces the cake in the first place.  When consulting on new builds, for example, I get involved in the whole layout of the house, from the size of the kitchen to the placement of telephone sockets. If you looked at my desk, you would see it piled high with electrical plans, utility placement documents and copies of building regulations. These are all the things that must be considered if you want a perfect cake that deserves the best frosting.

I love all the different parts of my job. Everything I do ensures your interior is beautiful, but this is combined with making your life easier too. Beebi designs solve problems. I was thrilled to help my friends in Chelsea make their new house a home, but I was even more excited to show them everything that is involved when being an interior designer.