Carlton Mansions

Working on a garden flat within the historic red-bricked Edwardian buildings that make up Carlton Mansions, I was excited to work once again in Maida Vale – it seems that I’m getting a bit of a reputation in this area!

The new owners wanted the whole flat stripping, and asked for my help to create a home that was light, open, and really made use of the garden views. We decided to integrate natural wooden flooring, and light walls to really maximise the high ceilings. We also added large French doors at the rear, allowing for easy garden access and to increase the levels of light.

Once we had helped finish the bedrooms and the main living area, we were also asked to help design the bathrooms too. By choosing marble tiles that were a similar colour to the rest of our designs, we created a seamless flow to the energy of the flat. Bespoke wardrobes created by highly skilled carpenters, and glass shelving fitted into the natural recesses of the walls offered that final touch of perfection.