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Every project is unique. Every room is different, every house its own private castle. Your home is the one place you can relax and be yourself, so it’s essential that everything inside is tailored to you. Many designers have one standard design they replicate everywhere, meaning that each project ignores the subtleties of your property. Instead, I ensure that our design matches both your desires and flows naturally within the space available, creating a truly personal design service. I offer a free one-hour consultation, with further consultation services available either hourly or by the day.

Package Design Services

Complete interior design services created to match your needs. Whether you are looking to uplift a single room, or completely revitalise your home, I can create the perfect design deal for you. After the initial consultation, and finding out exactly what you need, I will produce a complete package according to your budget requirements and timings, covering everything you need. From concept to completion, I will be with you every step of the way.

Purchasing Services

In addition to designing your perfect interior, I can also help you source the pieces needed to bring these designs alive. From bespoke statement pieces to soft furnishing, I have access to a whole range of exclusive products from the best sellers. Whether you need this as part of your design package, or as a separate service, I can find whatever you are looking for, saving you hours of work. Quick, easy and efficient, while being tailored to your needs, I can remove the stress of trawling through endless catalogues and phone calls to suppliers. Leave it with me, and everything will be sorted.

Shopping Services

There is a fine line between shopping being pleasurable and being a chore. I can help ensure your shopping experiences are fun and valuable. By helping you make the best choices for your home quickly, together we can turn design plans into reality. Working with retailers, internet provides, wholesalers and everything in-between, locating and buying the perfect pieces for your home has never been so easy.