3 ways Covid-19 will change the future of interior design

Covid-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. One of the most noticeable changes has been the increased amount of time spent in our own homes. Lockdown restrictions has resulted in many of us working from home, and our recreation time has also been focused around the house.

This has forced many of us to become increasingly aware of how interior spaces impact our moods, our physical comforts, and our productivity at work. How our interiors are designed and the psychological response to that has long been at the forefront of designers’ minds, and the impact of Covid-19 is likely to change the industry. Here are three ways our experts at Beebi Designs think this will happen.


  1. Increasing collaboration between the physical and virtual

Although the digital is continuously playing a ever greater role in our lives, there is still a traditional split between physical environments and virtual spaces. However, with the rise of video conferencing for work and pleasure, people are taking a greater interest in how they are represented on a screen. Flexible working spaces without harsh light and the removal of features that cause sound reverberation are likely to be incorporated into future design plans.

  1. Communal areas will allow for more public space

Everyone has got used to a 2 meter social distancing rule, and this makes sense as added protection against all germs not just Covid-19. This is likely to remain a desirable feature of life, with people actively working to promote their own personal space. This will manifest in greater and more creative use of space, products being further apart and subtle universal cues to discourage overcrowding.

  1. Links between mental health and the home environment will increase

With more and more people discovering that they can work from home with no negative impacts on productivity or efficiency, people will be spending more hours within their property. Designers will need to understand how increased time in a the same environment can negatively impact mental health and how these can best be mitigated. Materials, distancing, flexibility and comfort will all be understood in a new light.

While the full impacts of Covid-19 are yet to be seen, expert interior designers are already looking to the future. At Beebi Design we ensure that our fingers are always on the pulse and we remain trend setters rather than followers. For more information about how we can create the space of your dreams, contact us today!